Les relations Belgo-Africaines en 1991: A la recherche d'une diplomatie des droits de l'homme ?

Jean-Claude Willame
1970 Res publica. Politiek-wetenschappelijk tijdschrift van de Lage Landen  
The implementation of a diplomacy that could put more emphasis on democracy and human rights was not an easy process in Belgium. Treatment of these matters have taken a different perspective in Zaïre, Rwanda and Burundi, Belgium 's three most important African partners. Reasons for that are twofold. Fore one thing, the Belgian foreign affairs service has always been overloaded by mercantile preoccupations. Secondly, knowledge on Africa has been limited to short circle diplomatic contacts while
more » ... o instruments were ever implemented that could have ensured some following up of the African civil society at large.In the future, the continuation for a slow process of disengagement might be foreseable. New "partners" might come to the forefront such as South Africa while the U.S. and international financial organisations will definitely try to impose "good governance" together with a reasonable dose of human rights.
doi:10.21825/rp.v34i3-4.20327 fatcat:xpc4yiniybd73falbmz5rdw5wa