Abu Bakr Almadhirai (258-345A.H) / (871-957A.D) his personality and his age

Assist. Prof. Dr.Bashar Abd Al Jabbar Shebib
2018 Alustath  
Through this overview available we have about Abu Bakr Almadhirai we have to say about one of the important figures who served as minister and a writer and supervisor of the works of Egypt and Syria and Mtula to abscess Egypt, he went to Egypt with the God of Ahmed bin Ali Almadhirai and his brother Abu Tayeb year 272 AH / 886 AD and from here began Almadhiraiaon a reputation in Egypt and has the qualities and virtues of the money has not owned one before, but he had been confiscated his money
more » ... he state of the abscess and now has enemies, but he was able to compete with them and removes their danger, and when the state Tulunid fell and the state Ikhshidid Abu Bakr continued Almadhirai minister Akhchid and his son Anujur bin Akhsheed, and died in Egypt in the month of Shawwal 345 AH / 957 AD
doi:10.36473/ujhss.v217i1.554 fatcat:yag2b77v3bdcnhaclkbhdeg55q