Anatomical study on true hermaphroditism in an Indian pig (Sus Scrofa Domesticus)

Neelam Bansal, KS Roy, DK Sharma, Rajnish Sharma
2005 Journal of Veterinary Science  
A pig was confirmed to be a true hermaphrodite on the basis of gross and histomorphological studies of the genital organs. The genitalia was consisted of left ovary, oviduct, two coiled uterine horns, body of uterus alongwith right testis and an epididymis. Vagina and vulva were absent but male urethra with prostate gland was present. Grossly the size of all the genital organs appeared to be normal. Histomorphologically, testis and epididymis were underdeveloped as there was no clearcut
more » ... genia and sertoli cells but Leydig cells were normal. The ovary presents normal histological features with some portion of testicular tissue. Degeneration of uterine epithelium was observed along with normal endometrial glands.
doi:10.4142/jvs.2005.6.1.83 fatcat:n6s5onm5dncovpiaznagyeyosy