Studies on the Bio-degradability and Characteristics of Mulching Films Containing Rice By-products Applied to Upland Crops
벼 부산물을 함유한 생분해성 멀칭비닐의 포장 재배조건에서의 특성 및 분해력 연구

Sang-Ik Han, Hang-Won Kang, Ki-Chang Jang, Woo-Duck Seo, Seong-Hwan Oh, Ji-Eun Ra, Hyeong-Un Lee, Mi-Nam Chung, Kyung-Jin Choi
2012 Korean Journal of Crop Science  
The main challenges for the development of agricultural bio-degradable mulching film concern the degradation during the lifetime of cultivated crops. A set of rice by-product (rice-hull and rice-bran) based bio-degradable mulching films was developed and tested, following the measurement of standard bio-degradability rate and adaptability in a large scale field experiment. The standard bio-degradability of bio-film passed the KS (Korea standard) regulation. The result of mechanical analysis of
more » ... io-degradable mulching film presented a higher mechanical strength and elongation rate compared with polyethylene film. In addition, bio-film could be degraded into fragments within 4 months under the field condition of several upland crops. Bio-degradable mulching film indicated great potential as a new source of agricultural bio-degradable material.
doi:10.7740/kjcs.2012.57.2.099 fatcat:uiqjtkwybzgclg6t6lto7brfta