Theory of a one-atom laser in a photonic band-gap microchip

Lucia Florescu, Sajeev John, Tran Quang, Rongzhou Wang
2004 Physical Review A. Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics  
We present a quantum theory of a coherently pumped two-level atom in a photonic band gap ͑PBG͒, coupled to both a multimode waveguide channel and a high-quality microcavity embedded within a photonic crystal. One mode is engineered to exhibit a sharp cutoff within the PBG, leading to a large discontinuity in the local photon density of states near the atom, and the cavity field mode is resonant with the central component of the Mollow spectrum of atomic resonance fluorescence. Another mode of
more » ... . Another mode of the waveguide channel is used to propagate the pump beam. We derive analytical expressions for the optical amplitude, intensity, second-order correlation functions, and conjugate quadrature variances for the light emitted by the atom into the microcavity. The quantum degree of second-order coherence in the cavity field reveals enhanced, inversionless, nearly coherent light generation when the photon density of states jump between the Mollow spectral components is large. The cavity field characteristics are highly distinct from that of a corresponding high-Q cavity in ordinary vacuum. In the case of a vanishing photon density of states on the lower Mollow sideband and no dipolar dephasing, the emitted photon statistics is Poissonian, and the cavity field exhibits quadrature coherence.
doi:10.1103/physreva.69.013816 fatcat:2pzied7sofdtvdsdf42ycd3s3m