The Content and Methodology of Organization of a Pilot Experiment for Multicultural Education of Foreign Students

Prysiazhna Dmytrivna
The research study is devoted to the issue of multicultural education of foreign students in Ukraine. Despite the increasing attention of scholars to this problem, its solution requires a substantial theoretical and practical study. The hypothesis of the research paper lies in the fact that multicultural education of foreign students in a higher educational institution will be successful under the following pedagogical conditions: the creation of a favorable multicultural environment by
more » ... ing a multicultural component into the academic disciplines "Ukrainian as a Foreign Language" and "Country Studies" in order to include foreign students from various nations, races and confessions in "the dialogue of cultures"; the formation of skills of inter-ethnic communication and tolerance; and the attraction of foreign students for an active participation in the university cultural life in extracurricular time. The research findings point to a significant number of foreign students with a rather low level of multicultural intelligence regarding Ukrainian history, language and culture. The practical significance of the research study is that the content, forms and methods of multicultural education of foreign students have been implemented in the practice of higher educational institutions; diagnostic methodology on the determination of the levels of multicultural intelligence of these students was developed; training supplies for a current and final control of the level of multicultural intelligence of university foreign students, as well as used in higher education institutions methodological recommendations for scientific and teaching staff to improve multicultural intelligence of foreign students that helped improve ways of creating multicultural relations in a student group were developed; the suggested approaches to the organization of multicultural education of foreign students were used at VTNU for the development of teaching and methodological support of the academic process.