Penerapan Teknik Prapemrosesan Smoothing Spline pada Data Hasil Pengukuran Alat Pemantau Kadar Glukosa Darah Non-Invasif

Putu Gita Karlina Jayanti, Rahma Anisa, Muhammad Nur Aidi, . Erfiani
2018 Xplore Journal of Statistics  
A non-invasive blood glucose monitoring device is performed without injuring the limbs. One method of measurement in the form of qualitative and relatively simple to use because the process is fast and requires a cheap cost, namely Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR). Spectroscopic results allow for a shifting of the scatter, since the same object is measured several times incorrectly producing the same spectrum, requiring a preprocessing method to reduce the problem. However, in some cases it is
more » ... difficult to identify the existing data pattern, so that a nonparametric approach is needed to identify the pattern of data held so that in the process of calibration model obtained accurate results. Smoothing Spline is one nonparametric method is piecewise polynomial, which is a piece of polynomial that has a segmented property on the hose k that formed at knot points, thus providing flexibility in constructing the shape of the curve that we have. The Smoothing Spline method produces an optimum value when the GCV value is minimum on the use of a linear order with sixteen knot points. The resulting varians value after Smoothing Spline method is smaller than before smoothing, this indicates that this method can minimize the effect of liquefaction in the non-invasive blood glucose value spectrum. In addition, Smoothing Spline method can also capture data patterns well.
doi:10.29244/xplore.v2i2.90 fatcat:6zt57rqcrvadnkgzmwcsg2plfu