Determination of static and dynamic forces for manufacture of corrugated belts for wind tunnel heat exchangers
Определение статического и динамического усилия для изготовления гофрированных лент для теплообменников аэродинамических труб

Yu. V. Shchipkova, Omsk State Technical University
2021 Omsk Scientific Bulletin Series Aviation-Rocket and Power Engineering  
The article presents the results of an experimental study aimed at determining the required load when rolling a corrugated heat exchanger belt for wind tunnels. The experiments are carried out on a horizontal milling machine model 6H81. The results of the experiment are applied to stainless steel tapes with a thickness of 0,3 to 0,4 mm.
doi:10.25206/2588-0373-2021-5-3-91-98 fatcat:xd55bjukzvaelhodsbztonncxa