Rhodospirillum sulfurexigens sp. nov., a phototrophic alphaproteobacterium requiring a reduced sulfur source for growth

P. Anil Kumar, P. Aparna, T. N. R. Srinivas, Ch. Sasikala, Ch. V. Ramana
2008 International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology  
A Gram-negative, spiral-shaped, phototrophic, purple non-sulfur bacterial strain, JA143 T , was isolated from a freshwater habitat. Strain JA143 T was motile by means of bipolar tufts of flagella. Intracellular photosynthetic membranes are of the lamellar stacked type. Bacteriochlorophyll a and carotenoids of the spirilloxanthin series with rhodovibrin are present as photosynthetic pigments. Thiamine and a reduced sulfur source are required for growth. Phylogenetic analysis on the basis of 16S
more » ... RNA gene sequences showed that strain JA143 T clusters with species of the genus Rhodospirillum, belonging to the class Alphaproteobacteria. The highest sequence similarities of strain JA143 T were found with the type strains of Rhodospirillum rubrum (95.6 %) and Rhodospirillum photometricum (95.7 %). Based on 16S rRNA gene sequence analysis and morphological and physiological characteristics, strain JA143 T was significantly different from the other two recognized species of the genus Rhodospirillum and represents a novel species, for which the name Rhodospirillum sulfurexigens sp. nov. is proposed. The type strain is JA143 T
doi:10.1099/ijs.0.65689-0 pmid:19060082 fatcat:qltkyarhb5gxbmg7ffnwvjb2cu