Molecular cbaracterization oftwenty seeded and seedless table grape cultivars (Vitis vinifera L.)

M Crespani, R Botta, N Mrlanr
1999 Vitis   unpublished
DNA and isoenzyme analyses were used to characterize 20 table grape cultivars inc\uding Moscato d' Amburgo, Italia, Sultanina, Bicane and some recently released new varieties. GPI and PGM isoenzyme systems were able to separate the cultivars into 9 groups whereas the 8 microsatellite loci that were analysed revealed a higher discriminating power. In fact, all the cultivars could be distinguished by DNA protiles except Sugraone from its spart Sugrafive. Parentage analysis confirmed that the
more » ... irmed that the cultivar ltalia was obtained from the crossing Bicane x Moscato d' Amburgo. A difference was observed at one microsatellite locus between Sultanina and the published data for Thompson Seedless, considered to be its synonym. The different microsatellite loci were evaluated for their informativeness.