Hanging out your open science shingle: launching an open science program by supporting a new graduate cohort

Samantha Teplitzky
2019 Zenodo  
In 2019, librarians at the University of California, Berkeley, began a pilot program to introduce open science workflows. The Earth and Planetary Sciences (EPS) Department was chosen as the target department for this work due to prior connections and its relatively small graduate cohorts. The program began with an overhaul of the library's traditional orientation session, replacing content focused on library policies, procedures and resources with a new approach that instead addresses
more » ... addresses opportunities for open practices within local research workflows. Through collaboration with the department chair, faculty graduate student advisors and the graduate student affairs officer, the library constructed a year-long curriculum on open science practices and reproducibility within the Earth Sciences. This talk will address the challenges of introducing open science practices on a large campus, describing the opportunities and obstacles encountered while working with a small graduate cohort.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3510305 fatcat:qz6dds5byveslcrs5vc3lnogie