The effect of a brief music intervention No Effect of a Brief Music Intervention on Test Anxiety and Exam Scores in College Undergraduates

Matthew Goldenberg, Anna Floyd, Anne Moyer, Anne Moyer
Journal of Articles in Support of the Null Hypothesis   unpublished
This study examined classical music's effect on test anxiety and exam performance in a college setting by randomizing students to (1) listen to Mozart while studying and taking an exam, (2) study and take the exam under usual conditions, or (3) choose between these two alternatives. We controlled for: prior exam performance, year in college, age, the amount of time ordinarily listening to classical music and music while studying, and condition preference. There was no effect on either outcome.
more » ... on either outcome. Students were positively disposed toward the intervention, but did not typically listen to classical music or to music while studying. Although this intervention did not decrease test anxiety or enhance exam performance, more extensive or tailored music interventions could hold promise.