Calculation method of elastic modulus for carbon fiber-reinforced plastics considering inhomogeneous interphase

Pengfei Bu, Huiqi Ren, Wenjun Ruan, Kai Dong
2022 Science and Engineering of Composite Materials  
The characteristic of interphase has a significant influence on the macroscopic performance of carbon fiber-reinforced plastics (CFRP). To investigate the effect of interphase on composite elastic modulus, a representative volume element (RVE) of unidirectional CFRP with inhomogeneous interphase was established. Based on the bridging model, a theoretical calculation method of composite elastic modulus was given. The elastic modulus of T300/BSL914C composites was obtained by the theoretical
more » ... d. Results are in good agreement with the finite element method and experimental data. Four types of interphase models were given including inhomogeneous transversely isotropic, inhomogeneous isotropic, homogeneous transversely isotropic, and homogeneous isotropic. The results demonstrate that interphase type has an influence on the prediction of CFRP composites' elastic modulus. With the increase of thickness, the prediction error of elastic modulus caused by interphase type increases rapidly. Furthermore, the relationship between composite elastic modulus and interphase thickness and stiffness is analyzed. With the increase in thickness, the changes in shear modulus G 12 and Poisson's ratio ν23 are more evident than in other elastic properties, and with the enhancement of interphase stiffness, the increase of G 12 is the most significant.
doi:10.1515/secm-2022-0171 fatcat:gg6zkzl65fgfjnvobvxwbxywjy