Sortin1-Hypersensitive Mutants Link Vacuolar-Trafficking Defects and Flavonoid Metabolism in Arabidopsis Vegetative Tissues

Abel Rosado, Glenn R. Hicks, Lorena Norambuena, Ilana Rogachev, Sagit Meir, Lucille Pourcel, Jan Zouhar, Michelle Q. Brown, Marietta P. Boirsdore, Rachel S. Puckrin, Sean R. Cutler, Enrique Rojo (+2 others)
2011 Chemistry and Biology  
Sortin1 is a chemical genetic-hit molecule that causes specific mislocalization of plant and yeastsoluble and membrane vacuolar markers. To better understand its mode of action, we designed a Sortin1-hypersensitive screen and identified several Sortin1-hypersensitive and flavonoid-defective mutants. Mechanistically, Sortin1 mimics the effect of the glutathione inhibitor buthionine sulfoximine and alters the vacuolar accumulation of flavonoids, likely blocking their transport through
more » ... lized ABC transporters. Structure-activity relationship studies conducted in Arabidopsis revealed the structural requirements for Sortin1 bioactivity and demonstrated that overlapping Sortin1 substructures can be used to discriminate between vacuolar-flavonoid accumulations and vacuolarbiogenesis defects. We conclude that Sortin1 is a valuable probe for dissecting novel links among flavonoid transport, vacuolar integrity, and the trafficking of vacuolar targeted cargoes in Arabidopsis.
doi:10.1016/j.chembiol.2010.11.015 pmid:21338917 fatcat:j7q2jxyoungdjid4whqknznkxy