Hybridizing Adaptive Genetic Algorithm with Chaos Searching Technique for Numerical Optimization

Dongping Tian
2016 International Journal of Grid and Distributed Computing  
Genetic algorithm (GA) is a population-based approach for heuristic search in optimization problems based on the principle of biologic evolution and natural selection. In this paper, we present a hybrid adaptive genetic algorithm with chaos searching technique for numerical optimization. On the one hand, two sets of crossover and mutation rates are for-mulated to automatically maintain the balance between exploration and exploitation during the genetic search process. On the other hand, the
more » ... s searching technique is introduced into the adaptive genetic algorithm based on the decision mechanism for premature conver-gence adopted in this paper, whose main goal is to avoid being trapped into the local opti-mum. In addition, half of the total evolutionary generation is utilized as one of the decision conditions so as to speed up the convergent process. To validate the effectiveness and efficiency of the proposed approach, we apply it to four benchmark functions obtained from the literature, and the experimental results show that the proposed algorithm can find global optimal or the closer-to-optimal solutions and have faster search speed as well as higher convergence rate.
doi:10.14257/ijgdc.2016.9.2.12 fatcat:2aaxy32lunddbmnmod4gjuiz3m