The Catholic Church And Divinization Through Education

Bijumon Kochupurackal, Reena George
2016 PESQUISA-International Journal of Research   unpublished
The Catholic Church is considered as the largest educational institution in the world. For the church education is 'a divine mission' for transforming the world based on the Gospel values of 'service in love, peace rooted in justice and fellowship based on equality'. Everyone irrespective of caste, creed and gender have access to education with the intervention of the church in the educational field. Until then in Kerala and in the other states of India education was reserved to high class
more » ... to high class people. Certain political leaders and media persons rigorously and continuously criticize the church and try to condemn all the services and contributions of the church in the field education. The church proposes that education should be based on moral, individual and social values. Thus the proper and ultimate aim of education is divinization of human person. The role of the church in education is not just to make a human better human, not just to make him a more social being with good social and moral or ethical values but make him to actualize the divine potential in him.