Activating Schema to Develop Reading Skills among Engineering Students

D. Swathi Patnaik et al., D. Swathi Patnaik et al.,
2018 International Journal of English and Literature  
English, being a global language, it is a universal fact that to succeed in one's career, engineers today need to be communicatively competent. As English is the dominant language in the field of science and technology too, acquiring proficiency in this language is mandatory for any engineering graduate. In such a scenario, where proficiency in English is compulsory, lack of communication skills in engineering graduates can not only hinder their career advancement, but also the development of
more » ... r country. A professional engineer requires a high level of listening comprehension, effective reading and writing skills and above all, the ability to comprehend and speak fluently in English. For an engineering graduate to emerge as a professional engineer, it is important to develop all the four language skills holistically. In such context, this paper highlights the importance of the reading skills, reading models, schema theory and types of schema. The paper also elucidates various strategies to activate schema theory and the teacher's role in it. It further presents few ideas, that can be converted into tasks to activate schema theory and ends with a sample lesson plan. In nut shell, the paper discusses how to improve students' reading comprehension through activating schema theory.
doi:10.24247/ijelaug20184 fatcat:5l2kf4kwvjci3dvy2dpm6lb2ma