Multi-texturing 3D models: How to choose the best texture?

Youssef Alj, Guillaume Boisson, Philippe Bordes, Muriel Pressigout, Luce Morin
2012 2012 International Conference on 3D Imaging (IC3D)  
In this article, the impact of 2D based approaches for multitexturing 3D models using real images is studied. While conventional 3D based approaches assign the best texture for each mesh triangle according to geometric criteria such as triangle orientation or triangle area, 2D based approaches tend to minimize the distortion between the rendered views and the original ones. Evaluation of the two strategies is performed on real scenes for two image sequences and results are provided using the
more » ... ovided using the PSNR metric. Moreover, an improvement of the image-based approach is proposed for texturing partially visible triangles.
doi:10.1109/ic3d.2012.6615115 fatcat:vtnrxi4vyvbt3jft34eduskwrm