Pronominal right-dislocation in Norwegian

Kaja Borthen, Elena Karagjosova
2021 Glossa  
The goal of the paper is to propose a holistic analysis of the discourse properties and the interpretational effects of pronominal right-dislocation in Norwegian. Previous research has suggested that this is a topic construction, and it has been shown that the right-dislocated pronoun may affect reference assignment, is sometimes used in cases of discourse breaks, is associated with contrastiveness, and may lead to interpretational effects such as "emphasis" and "mitigation". Based on Norwegian
more » ... authentic corpus material, Givón's (1983a) notion of marked constructions, and Sperber and Wilson's (1986Wilson's ( /1995) ) relevance theory, we present a novel analysis that connects the various properties of the construction together. A central aspect of our analysis is the assumption that marked constructions increase the accessibility of contrastive interpretations, which in turn may trigger the derivation of certain types of implicatures. Since the analysis is mainly based on assumptions about human cognition, the study makes cross-linguistic predictions despite its focus on one language.
doi:10.5334/gjgl.1025 fatcat:ei4ygeuf2zfknmofsexhkdpica