Birefringence in one-dimensional finite photonic bandgap structures [article]

Antonio Mandatori, Concita Sibilia, Marco Centini, Giuseppe D'Aguanno, Mario Bertolotti, Michael Scalora, Mark J. Bloemer, Charles M. Bowden, Maryland Shared Open Access Repository, Maryland Shared Open Access Repository
The spectral and dispersive behavior of anisotropic layered structures forming a one dimensional "polarization dependent" photonic band gap are discussed. The finite dimension of the structure has been taken into account. Interesting field localization properties are found when the optical axis of layesr are not aligned each with the other one, i.e. principal axis of layers are rotated one with respect to the other. The field localization behavior has been also discussed through a suitable
more » ... ition of density of modes for the anisotorpic layered structure.
doi:10.13016/m2xp6r-hqqx fatcat:chg4bycybrbq3frkzdvw42me4m