Effect of modified amnion and limbal stem cells combined with mitomycin C on recurrent pterygium

Lin-Bin Wu, Lan -Ai Zhao, Rong -Qiang Tan, Jia -Cheng Zhou, Lei Zhang, Cheng Zheng
誗 AIM: To evaluate the therapeutic effect of modified amnion and lmibal stem cell (LSC) comnined with mitomycin C (MMC) on recurrent pterygium. 誗METHODS: Sixty-two patients (73 eyes) with recurrent pterygium in our hospital during January 2010 and May 2012 were divided into two groups. Thirty patients (35 eyes) in control group were treated with conventional amniotic membrane transplantation and 32 patients (38 eyes) in trial group were treated with modified amnion and LSC comnined with MMC.
more » ... toperative amniotic fit, corneal epithelial healing, ocular surface and recurrence rates were observed in two groups. 誗 RESULTS: During the follow-up of 3-6 months (average 5 months) , Tear film function were affected at early postoperative stage in control group, but in trial group, it was influenced slightly. Six months after operation, tear film function was recovered. Pterygium was recurrent in 8 eyes (22. 9%) in control group and 2 eyes (5. 3%) in trail group. 誗 CONCLUSION: The method of modified amnion and LSC combined with MMC can achieve a good therapeutic effect with fewer complications in recurrent pterygium treatment. 誗