Unquenching the Scalar Glueball

M. Boglione, M. R. Pennington
1997 Physical Review Letters  
Computations in the quenched approximation on the lattice predict the lightest glueball to be a scalar in the 1.5-1.8 GeV region. Here we calculate the dynamical effect the coupling to two pseudoscalars has on the mass, width and decay pattern of such a scalar glueball. These hadronic interactions allow mixing with the q q scalar nonet, which is largely fixed by the well-established K_0^*(1430). This non-perturbative mixing means that, if the pure gluestate has a width to two pseudoscalar
more » ... ls of 100 MeV as predicted on the lattice, the resulting hadron has a width to these channels of only 30 MeV with a large eta-eta component. Experimental results need to be reanalyzed in the light of these predictions to decide if either the f_0(1500) or an f_0(1710) coincides with this dressed glueball.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.79.1998 fatcat:au6gttz44ncrdfi3hon752fi4q