Multifunctional Riverside Buffer Parks – the Research on Nature-Urban Revitalisation of River Valleys

Anna Januchta Szostak
2013 Journal of Sustainable Architecture and Civil Engineering  
This article discusses a holistic approach to the revitalisation of river valleys in urbanized areas. Research on the process of riverside urban space revitalisation in Polish towns and cities was conducted by the author within the framework of the European project REURIS and aimed to indicate multifunctional solutions and models of complex nature-urban revitalisation of river valleys. From among 43 cities in northern Poland, which met the basic criteria, 25 projects were selected and subjected
more » ... to the evaluation process using WIQUS methodology. The analysis and evaluation allowed to identify the best practices as well as the most important barriers and key factors of success of river valley regeneration projects in Polish towns. The significance of the research follows from opportunities of gaining measurable implementation benefits in the integrated spatial planning process of urbanised areas as well as in creating riverscapes both in anthropogenic and biocoenotic aspects. The author describes the scope of the research, its main results, and conclusions in order to present the advantages and benefits of nature-urban revitalisation projects for the citizens as well as water and water-dependent ecosystems of river valleys. The implementation of multifunctional riverside buffer parks (RBPs) appears to be the most effective and sustainable way of development of river valleys in urban environment. The paper deals with the rules of spatial arrangement of particular zones of buffer parks considering social, ecological and hydrological requirements. The implementation of buffer parks in the riparian urban areas makes it possible to significantly reduce storm water runoff and flood risk, while the multifunctional development of the parks allows to achieve a synergy effect in appealing public spaces. Finally the author presents the application of the RBP idea in spatial arrangement of flood plains in the area of the Warta Valley in Poznan along the 'Warta' Campus of Poznan University of Technology. Anna JANUCHTA-SZOSTAK -Assoc. Prof., Vice-Dean for Science at the Faculty of Architecture, Poznan University of Technology. Main research area: water in the townscape, transformation of urban waterfronts, flood protection, architectural and urban methods of sustainable storm water management.
doi:10.5755/j01.sace.4.5.4709 fatcat:vi2kiasmv5gwdafczyhzhbayba