Manipulating multiple order parameters via oxygen vacancies: The case of Eu0.5Ba0.5TiO3−δ

Weiwei Li, Qian He, Le Wang, Huizhong Zeng, John Bowlan, Langsheng Ling, Dmitry A. Yarotski, Wenrui Zhang, Run Zhao, Jiahong Dai, Junxing Gu, Shipeng Shen (+18 others)
2017 Physical review B  
Controlling functionalities, such as magnetism or ferroelectricity, by means of oxygen vacancies (VO) is a key issue for the future development of transition metal oxides. Progress in this field is currently addressed through VO variations and their impact on mainly one order parameter. Here we reveal a new mechanism for tuning both magnetism and ferroelectricity simultaneously by using VO. Combined experimental and density-functional theory studies of Eu0.5Ba0.5TiO3-{\delta}, we demonstrate
more » ... , we demonstrate that oxygen vacancies create Ti3+ 3d1 defect states, mediating the ferromagnetic coupling between the localized Eu 4f7 spins, and increase an off-center displacement of Ti ions, enhancing the ferroelectric Curie temperature. The dual function of Ti sites also promises a magnetoelectric coupling in the Eu0.5Ba0.5TiO3-{\delta}.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.96.115105 fatcat:ni4cghqnlbe7fcg7adcg3m2dte