Semen quality in sheep

Yurani Arbodela Marin, Daniela Alejandra Gonzalez Gaviria, Leidy Katerine Lopera Mesa, Paula Andrea Lalinde Acevedo, Andrés Felipe Mejia, Walter D. Cardona Maya, Henry Cardona Cadavid
2022 Veterinarska stanica  
Reproductive evaluation, the selection of individual breeders, and reproductive biotechnologies are important tools in developing productive and reproductive rates. When choosing a male as a breeding future, determining its general health status and genotypic and phenotypic superiority are necessary. This study evaluated the conventional and functional seminal quality in ovine males. The semen of eleven ovines of different pure races was collected by electroejaculation. The following average
more » ... ues were observed for each conventional parameter: scrotal circumference (CE, 34.3 cm), seminal volume (vol, 1.63 mL), concentration (C, 768.4 x 106/mL), individual motility (MI, 80%), masal motility (MM, 4) and vigor (Vi, 3.7). On the other hand, functional analysis showed plasma membrane integrity (PMI) of 45.7%, mitochondrial membrane potential (MMP) of 38.5%, DNA fragmentation index (DFI) of 17.0%, lipoperoxidation of the membrane (LPO) of 32.7%, and the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) of 28.56%. Additionally, a high and positive correlation was found for variables concerning seminal quality: Vi and MM, Vi and MI, MMP and MM, MMP and MI, PMI and MMP, as well as ROS and MMP. In contrast, two strongly negative correlations were obtained (C vs. Vol and LPO vs. CE). These are the first estimates of functional seminal quality evaluation of sheep in Colombia. In addition, this study provides a baseline for conventional and functional seminal parameters in the region.
doi:10.46419/vs.54.1.1 fatcat:4epud5g5qrenhmesynw2qu2toy