R.C. Anderson
1968 unpublished
A3STPACT An important ILmitation on the design of an inpile thermionic reactor is the fast neutron irradiation damage xo the insulators, which is expressed quantitatively '"QJ the energy freighted neutron flux, or damage flux. The behavior of the daraage flujc has been invesxiigated for a set of h^Tpothetical critical assemblies containing different types of fuel and different amounts of moderator. It is shown that for a given fuel, the damage flux is reduced by moderating the neutron spectrum,
more » ... and for a given amount of moderator the damage flux is reduced by increasing the amount of fuel in the fuel pin. Some effects of damage flux considerations on reactor design are also sho-ivTi. Work performed under the auspices of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission.
doi:10.2172/4580086 fatcat:brrgpv3tbrhpjn6g3jt6ym2qsa