K05200 Experiment reproducing flow environment of tornadogenesis
K05200 竜巻の発生環境を再現する試み(【K05200】流体工学部門企画,基調講演)

2013 The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress Japan  
We intreduce experimental approaches te investigate flow environment generating tornadoes . Non − supercell tomado − like vortices can be realized with the shear line of simulated co ! d outflow and simulated updraft . On the other hand , the combination of rotating updra 負 called as mesocyclone and cold outflow can cause various supercell tomado − like vortices . We expect that the experimental conditions realizing tomado − 1ike vortices will be help 血 l to improve the accuracy oftornado watch ,
doi:10.1299/jsmemecj.2013._k05200-1_ fatcat:wzullqhl2vec3nytj3a2flz3na