Comparative Analysis on Different Parameters of Encryption Algorithms for Information Security

Shailja Kumari, Jyoti Chawla
2015 Jyoti Chawla International Journal of Innovations & Advancement in Computer Science   unpublished
If the confidentiality of the information is of very high value, it should be protected. If you want to stop the unauthorized disclosure or alteration of the information, secure it. Cryptography is an area of computer science which is developed to provide security for the senders and receivers to transmit and receive confidential data through an insecure channel by a means of process called Encryption/ Decryption. Encryption algorithms play a main role in information security systems. On the
more » ... er side, those algorithms consume a significant amount of computing resources such as CPU time, memory, and battery power. This paper presents a comparative analysis on different parameters of encryption algorithms(AES,RC6,IDEA,BLOWFISH) such as Architecture, Flexibility, Reliability, Security and Limitation for information security that are essential for secure communication.