Jaspers' Dilemma: The Psychopathological Challenge to Subjectivity Theories of Consciousness [chapter]

Alexandre Billon, Uriah Kriegel
2015 Disturbed Consciousness  
Introduction/Abstract According to what we will call subjectivity theories of consciousness, there is a constitutive connection between phenomenal consciousness and subjectivity: there is something it is like for a subject to have mental state M only if M is characterized by a certain mine-ness or for-me-ness. Such theories appear to face certain psychopathological counterexamples: patients appear to report conscious experiences that lack this subjective element. A subsidiary goal of this
more » ... goal of this chapter is to articulate with greater precision both subjectivity theories and the psychopathological challenge they face. The chapter's central goal is to present two new approaches to defending subjectivity theories in the face of this challenge. What distinguishes these two approaches is that they go to great lengths to interpret patients' reports at face value -greater length, at any rate, than more widespread approaches in the extant literature.
doi:10.7551/mitpress/9780262029346.003.0002 fatcat:rufdc2hubzgyxd5i3fqwuqluum