Impact of Urban Rail Transit Network on Residential and Commercial Land Values in China: A Complex Network Perspective

Shiping Wen, Jiangang Shi, Wei Zhang, Ali Minai
2021 Complexity  
Urban rail transit can improve a city's accessibility. However, high construction and operation costs restrict the development of urban rail transit. Value capture recoups the additional value that the investments of urban rail transit confer to local land and is considered to be an effective measure to alleviate this financial problem. Understanding the land value uplift effects of urban rail transit is essential for understanding value capture. This study applied a Space-P model of urban rail
more » ... transit network based on complex network theory and demonstrated the influence of urban rail transit network characteristics on residential and commercial land prices. The model was tested with eight metropolises in China, using the 2003 to 2022 timeframe as the context. The results showed a significant positive correlation between the number of nodes and the land prices, the average clustering coefficient was highly positively correlated with the land prices, and there was a significant negative correlation between the average path length and the land prices. This study provides theoretical support for value capture, is beneficial for urban rail transit planning, and supports improvements in the development quality of urban rail transit networks.
doi:10.1155/2021/8849066 fatcat:lkjpzgp4ibcwnl364333ob2ufy