Evaluate Sulphur Diffusion at Mould-Metal Interface in No-Bake Mould System

M.V. Sheladiya, S.G. Acharya, K. Mehta, G.D. Acharya
Casting process takes a major percentage of manufacturing products into consideration. No-bake casting is swiftly developing technology for foundry industries. In the no-bake family, furan no-bake casting process employs resins and acid catalyst to form a furan binder system. However, this process configures castings with augmented strength and quality surface finish. Compressive strength, transverse strength and tensile strength of moulds are also high in this furan binder system. Hence this
more » ... ystem. Hence this method is apt for producing accurately dimensioned castings. Our well thought-out deliberations in the subsequent write up entail the numerous effects of variation of resin and acid catalyst on the surface defect i.e. sulfur diffusion on the surface of FNB casting. Furan resin; used in the production of casting is furfuryl alcohol and acid catalyst is sulphonic acid. Sulfur diffusion is tested by Energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDX) analysis and also by the spectrometer with jet stream technology. This paper also comprises economic advantages of optimizing resin because furan resin is expensive and catalyst with reduction of sulfur diffusion defect as it saves machining, labor cost, and energy.
doi:10.24425/afe.2018.125193 fatcat:rtmmiaqbkzdkdexxp2gdz4jc7a