Stormwater Quality Modeling Improvements Needed for SWMM

Roger Sutherland, Seth L. Jelen
2003 Journal of Water Management Modeling  
The U.S. Enviromnental Protection Agency's (USEPA) Stonnwater Management Model, or S WMM, is a large, relatively complex software package capable of simulating the transformation of precipitation to urban nmoff and the transport of the runoff from the grmmd surface through pipe/channel networks and storage/treatment facilities and finally to receiving waters. The model can be used to simulate a single event or a long continuous period. The original model was developed by Metcalf and Eddy, Inc.
more » ... alf and Eddy, Inc. in association with the University of Florida and Water Resources Engineers, Inc. in 1971. Over the last three decades there have been many significant improvements and enhancements to the model's capabilities. However, the model's algorithms used to simulate the accumulation and transport of storm water pollutants have rarely been addressed or significantly improved. With the recent development of the USEP A's NPDES storm water program and the ongoing development of the TMDL program and the continuing interest and concern associated with storm water pollution throughout the developed world, the need to significantly improve the stormwater quality modeling capabilities ofSWMM is greater now than ever before. This chapter reviews the model's existing stonnwater quality algorithms, discusses the problems associated with these algotithms and ofiers a specific outline of needed improvements. The modeling insights and improvements are based on knowledge gained through many years of study and research that has
doi:10.14796/jwmm.r215-13 fatcat:n23nhxybungn7aawomfvnqhwui