Effectiveness of Water Management towards Soil Moisture Preservation on Soybeans

Aminah Aminah, Abdullah Abdullah, Nuraeni Nuraeni, Marliana S. Palad, Ida Rosada
2020 International Journal of Agronomy  
In this study, factorial randomized experiments were conducted in a controlled greenhouse environment to investigate an efficient and effective component of water management technology in increasing soybean yield. The soybeans were planted in polybags with 6 kg of Alfisol soil media and fertilizer. The bags were perforated with 16 holes at approximately 1 to 2 cm from the base and put into a water container. The container was immersed in water levels of 5 cm and 10 cm. The application of these
more » ... mmersions was carried out in four stages: 0 to 15 days after planting (DAP), 15 to 30 DAP, 30 to 45 DAP, and continued until harvest. Observations of growth were carried out on the greenness of leaves, plant height, leaf area, root length, and dry weight of plants, and soil water content was checked every two weeks. The yield measured after harvest consisted of the number of pods, the number of seeds/plants, weight of 100 seeds, and weight of seeds per plants. The water level had a significant effect on plant height, dry weight, leaf greenness, number of pods, and number of seeds/plants. The immersion stage has significant effects on plant height, harvest age, dry weight, leaf greenness, number of pods, and number of seeds/plants. Continuous immersion in a water level of 5 cm has shown the best yield on number of pods (20.81) and number of seeds per plant (162.94). This treatment increased seed yield (seed weight) approximately by 19.23% compared to the field capacity.
doi:10.1155/2020/8653472 fatcat:raargkghwvh2fnc7asw5zooa44