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1847 Scientific American  
Wbat lsdolng on the great" Fa�heJ.' 01' Rivers.'" On the first day of the assembling of the Chicago Convention, Thomas Allen. Esq., submitted a r eport drawn up b yhim at there que!t of the delegates of St. Louis, relative to the commerce and navigation of the valley of the Mississippi. It is stated in this document that in 1846 the receipts at New Orleans from the upper country amounted to 77 m illions of dollars; tbe steamboats engaged in the t rade of St. Louis were 251 ; and the whole num
more » ... r on the Western rivers near 1200, valued at 16 millions of dollars, to which are to be added 4000 keel and flat b oats. The annual cost of transportatio ll is 41 millions. The total value of the domestic produ cts put afloat upon the waters of the valley is 260 millions; and the value of the whole commerce afl oat is 430 mil !ions, being double the amount of the whole foreigu commerce of the United States. The number of ;,teamboatB lost III 1842, was 68; in 1846 the nt' mbe r was 36. The annual loss of liVeS is 160. The snags it is well known, h ave caused many of th ese disasters. Another Comet. A new comet was discovered on the 14th inst at the Camb ridge Obsel'l'atory, by G . P. Bond, bei nil' the fifth comet first �een III this country by this gentleman. It was found with the aid of the excellent comet· seeker recent ly presented to the Observatory by J. 1. Bow ditch , Esq. Through the g ra ud refractor the shows a bright nucleus surrounded by a diff used ne bulous a ppearance. The comet , having a very great northern declination, does not set in our latitude. Its approximate pIa ces were as fol lows : July 12, 19h Om. Right Ascension 16h. 24 m. Declens ion 850 17' 0." July 20, loll. 23m. Right A,eension l:3h. �9m. Declension80053 12" Forgers. An en graver, named Lovejoy, amI two oth er perso ns, were arrested in Ci ncinnatti, a short time since, on suspicion of being con cerned in counterfeiting, and committed for trial. Upon searching Lovejoy's house, one plate, nearly I'eady for printing spurious mun ey, was discovered; and in the residence of one of the others, named Sleight, sundry plates, and a l arge quantit y of counterfeit notes, amounting in all to about $1000, was
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican07311847-354n fatcat:utg43joiqvhpngwjo3drghjonm