Migration in Zeiten des Neoliberalismus

Melanie Hohengasser
2016 unpublished
In times of the so-called globalization, migration and neoliberal economic approaches and politics are inseparably linked to each other. The diploma thesis herewith presented aims to investigate the effects of the NAFTA-agreement, particularly with regard to migration movements between Mexico and the United States. Initially, classic theories as well as recent approaches are used to explain international migration, followed by insights from a historical point of view in order to be able to
more » ... ight current problems related to this issue. In contrast to the assumption of governments on both sides, NAFTA had not the effect of a reduction of economic and social inequalities between the emerging nation of Mexico and the industrialised country of the U.S., moreover to gain an economic boost that would reduce illegal immigration into the U.S., but has even caused an increase of migrant flows by these neoliberal adjustments and liberalizations of trade. An intensified and more restrictive immigration policy, accompanied by militarization of the border between these two countries, lastly led to a culmination of the whole issue, on which the thesis is mainly focused on.
doi:10.25365/thesis.43265 fatcat:5jdqmv2vrberxm3bq2umd7qk4e