Birth Weight In Relation To Obesity And Diabetes Gene Expression In Healthy Infants; A Case- Control Study [post]

Sahar Cheshmeh, Shima Moradi, Seyyed Mostafa Nachvak, Arman Mohammadi, Azadeh Erfanifar, Arezoo Bajelani
2021 unpublished
Background: Since obesity and diabetes are a prevalent phenomenon in the world, recognizing the factors affecting these two conditions can be effective in modifying them. We decided to investigate the expression of obesity and diabetes genes in infants with birth weight lower than 2500 g.Methods: The current case- control study was performed on 215 healthy infants aged 5-6 months which referred to health and treatment centers of Kermanshah. After measuring weight and height of the infant, the
more » ... lues were compared with the diagram of WHO to assure being healthy and well-grown and infants who were healthy, were selected to the study. 78 infants was in case group and 137 infants was in control group. 5 cc of intravenous blood was collected from all infants. Blood samples were collected in Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) coated vials to evaluate the expression of MC4R, MTNR1B, PTEN, ACACB, PPAR-γ, PPAR-α, (NRXN3 (NTRK2), (PCSK1), (A2BP1), (TMEM18), (LXR), (BDNF), (TCF7L2), (FTO) and (CPT1A) genes. The data was analysed by Chi square, Mann-Whitney U and Spearman tests.Results: An inverse significant correlation between birth weight and obesity and diabetes genes including MTNR1B, NTRK2, PCSK1, and PTEN genes (r= -0.221, -0.235, -0.246, and -0.418, respectively). In addition, the expression level of the mentioned genes in the LBW infant was significantly up-regulated than the normal weight infants (P= 0.001, 0.007, 0.001, and <0.001, respectively). The expression level of PPAR-a gene had significantly positive correlation with the birth weight (r= 0.19, P= 0.005). The expression level of PPAR-a gene in the normal weight infants was significantly up-regulated than the LBW infants (P= 0.049).Conclusion: Expression level of MTNR1B, NTRK2, PCSK1, and PTEN genes up-regulated in the LBW infants, however, the expression level of PPAR-a gene was significantly down regulated in the LBW infants compared to the infants with normal birth weight.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:p2j42wst2vcwfdhext7rfaxkra