Working Harveyized Armor Plate

1893 Scientific American  
Terms of Subscription, $5 a Year. stranger and at once attacked. If the eggs of one together, flew down to the rock. Several of his most I ant colony are hatched out in another of the same courageous brethren immediately followed him. He I species, the young ants are at once known to be went up to the jar and made a careful examination strangers and intruders. This far transcends our inof it and its contents, all the while uttering a low, telligence. What mother could recognize her infant if
more » ... rulous monologue. Suddenly he uttered three I it were born in the dark and she had never seen it? loud, peculiar cries and flew away. The assembly then Again, if the larvce of ants are removed, hatched outdispersed. On another occasion I noticed a jay sitting side of the nest, and then returned, the ants at once silent and absorbed on the roof-tree of a grape arbor. recognize them as kinsmen and receive them into the He appeared to be watching something beneath him nest:* That ants and bees do communicate intellivery Intently. On focusing him in my glasses, I dis gently is no longer denied. Their means of communicovered that he was in a state of great excitement and cation is not definitely known, but it is the opinion of tremhling all over. I noticed the direction of his gaze Sent by mail, postage prepaid, to subscribers in any most scientists that it is through their antennre. and soon saw the object of his regard. A large male part of the Uni . ted States or Canada. Six dollars a I once saw wonderful evidences of this power of incat was stalking a hare and was just crouching to teUigent communication while watching a battle be-make his spring. He sprang at the hare, but h is jump year , sent , prepaid, to any forei gn coun�ry. tween LasillS niger and Lasius flavus. The black fell short, and the hare bounded away in safety. And All the back numbers of THE SUPPLEMEN'J', from the ants were on a foray, the booty in question bein R: a then the jay-bird seemed to be fairly overcome with commencement, January 1, 1876, can be had. Price. large herd of aphides owned by the yellow ants. 'Ihe delight. He trounced himself up and down, screaming yellow ants had a commissariat department and an with sarcastic laughter.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican12231893-14998asupp fatcat:3ck2tj7dtzfydhz3gwdndcuw3u