Effect of Lipid Addition on the Profile of Lipase Production by Mucor javanicus

Yasuhiro NAKA, Noriaki HASEGAWA, Sigeru AMANO
1988 Journal of Japan Oil Chemists' Society  
While increasing lipase production by Mucor javanicus IAM 6108 , reduction in cultivation time and stabilization of lipase in the broth were investigated. The addition of 1 % soybean oil to the initial medium containing 3 % corn steep liquor, 1 % soluble starch, 0.2 % KH2PO4, 0.05 % MgSO4.7 H2O, 0.05 % KC1, and 1 % soybeanyuto reduced the cultivation time of lipase production from 50 h to 30 h. Lipase activity in the broth decreased rapidly after reaching a maximum . To avoid this, the 1 %
more » ... an oil was added to the broth at 25 h of cultivation before the maximum had been reached , As a result, maximum lipase activity was maintained for more than 10 h. This appeared due to the presence of fatty acids or triglycerides with double bonds on the broth.
doi:10.5650/jos1956.37.1104 fatcat:fgkji2vzbnbypljxhemc7bi37m