Effect of Compound Sulfadiazine Suspension on Growth Performance of Broiler in Clinical Efficacy Trial

Leilei Wang, Li Zhao, Zhihui Hao, Kefeng Xiao, Fenfang Yang, Zhaopeng Ding
2014 Advance Journal of Food Science and Technology  
Compound Sulfadiazine suspension is used mainly to prevent and cure E. coli, Salmonella infection of chicken in veterinary clinical application. Effect of compound Sulfadiazine suspension on growth performance of broiler in clinical efficacy trial was studied in the study. One hundred eighty 15-day-old broilers were divided randomly into six groups, blank control group, negative control group, Trisulmixos gavage group, Trisulmixos drinking group, Sufuning gavage group and Sufuning drinking
more » ... , respectively. There were three repeating treatments in each group and ten broilers in each treatment. Results showed that compound Sulfadiazine suspension can promote the feed conversion rate of broiler when curing E. coli, Salmonella infection of chicken. Both from the perspective of efficacy and from the perspective of growth performance, giving drug by gavage were more effective than giving by drinking. When two products of Compound Sulfadiazine suspension were compared, the indicators of Sufuning were a little better Trisulmixos.
doi:10.19026/ajfst.6.66 fatcat:j5t6qivlq5cazhco5xfj4efczy