Open Source Software Engineering Theory: Intelligent Educational Tool Increases Placement of Graduates in STEM-related Careers

Naser El-Bathy, Clay Gloster, Ghassan Azar, Cameron Seay, Mohammed El-Bathy, Ibraheem Kateeb, Rajeev Agrawal, Aiman Baset
2012 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition Proceedings   unpublished
s area of research is distributed computing and computer networking. He is interested in applying the concepts and techniques of distributed computing, information extraction, intelligent information retrieval, and data warehousing using service-oriented architecture (SOA) to develop intelligent web applications. El-Bathy received a B.Sc in business administration from Cairo University in Egypt and a post-bachelor's degree and M.S. in computer science from Wayne State University. He also has
more » ... pleted all computer science courses and passed the proficiency exam of the Ph.D. program at Wayne State University. In addition to his academic experience, El-Bathy has more than 25 years of experience in industry, working in areas including software development, database design, and computer networking design, implementing projects across many technology platforms, DBMS, network topologies, and programming languages. As a practitioner of information technology, he reached the pinnacle of his career and held a Vice President position of the Department of Information Services for a $1.6 billion financial institution, providing leadership in applying and aligning information technology with business strategies, goals, and needs. While the study of and research in computer science is his prime objective, his interests in literature, music, travel, and nature help him to maintain a sense of perspective in life. He likes to write and has published some articles and is a co-author of a published book. He believes that each of us must give something back to society, so he contributes to local organizations that focus on the environment of his hometown. Abstract The development of World Wide Web (WWW) a little more than a decade ago has caused an information explosion that needs an Intelligent Web (IW) for users to easily control their information and commercial needs. Therefore, engineering schools have offered a variety of IW courses to cultivate hands-on experience and training for industrial systems. In this study, Open Source Software Engineering Theory (OSSET) project course has been designed to help students learn theoretical concepts of IW, practice advanced technical skills, and discover knowledge to solve problem. Undergraduate Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) students involved in the development of innovative approaches and techniques. They are able to help solve the problems of disease misdiagnoses that medical and healthcare professionals experience. They co-authored and presented numerous research papers introducing the solution in different conferences. This study provides the solution in the form of an Intelligent OSSET using Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) to decrease disease misdiagnosis in healthcare. The proposed project course has become a way to establish an "Intelligent Open Source Software Engineering for Healthcare IT" center in our department. Results show that this new course strengthens the capacity and quality of STEM undergraduate degree programs and the number of overall graduate student enrollment. It promotes a vigorous STEM academic environment and increases the number of students entering STEM careers. It expands the breadth of faculty and student involvement in research and development. It enhances and leverages the active engagement of faculty technology transfer and translational research. It improves and develops new relationships between educational institutions and research funding entities to broaden the university's research portfolio and increase funding. The proposed project course is a software engineering research methodology, an educational tool, and a teaching technique is needed in future medical and health IT fields.
doi:10.18260/1-2--21769 fatcat:76las3qaazdd3m3tw2i7pcupby