Undergraduate Field Education Manual Department of Social Work Education 5310 N Campus Drive MS PH102 Undergraduate Field Education Manual FresnoState College of Health and Human Services Department of Social Work Education Undergraduate Field Manual

Jody Hironaka-Juteau, Ed Dean, Martha Vungkhanching, Chair, Andrea Carlin, Ppsc Field Coordinator, Coordinator, Benita Washington, Ppsc Assistant, Field Coordinator
2016 unpublished
computers and communications links to remote resources are recognized as being integral to the education and research experience. Every student is required to have his/her own computer or have other personal access to a workstation (including a modem and a printer) with all the recommended software. The minimum and recommended standards for the workstations and software, which may vary by academic major, are updated periodically and are available from Information Technology Services
more » ... fresnostate.edu/adminserv/technology/) or the University Bookstore. In the curriculum and class assignments, students are presumed to have 24-hour access to a computer workstation and the necessary communication links to the University's information resources." Disruptive Classroom Behavior "The classroom is a special environment in which students and faculty come together to promote learning and growth. It is essential to this learning environment that respect for the rights of others seeking to learn, respect for the professionalism of the instructor, and the general goals of academic freedom are maintained. ... Differences of viewpoint or concerns should be expressed in terms which are supportive of the learning process, creating an environment in which students and faculty may learn to reason with clarity and compassion, to share of themselves without losing their identities, and to develop and understanding of the community in which they live . . . Student conduct which disrupts the learning process shall not be tolerated and may lead to disciplinary action and/or removal from class."