Blocking catabolism with eniluracil enhances PET studies of 5-[18F]fluorouracil pharmacokinetics

J R Bading, M M Alauddin, J D Fissekis, A H Shahinian, J Joung, T Spector, P S Conti
2000 Journal of Nuclear Medicine  
Noninvasive methods for measuring the pharmacokinetics of chemotherapeutic drugs such as 5-fluorouracil (FU) are needed for individualized optimization of treatment regimens. PET imaging of [18F]FU (PET/[18F]FU) is potentially useful in this context, but PET/[18F]FU is severely hampered by low tumor uptake of radiolabel and rapid catabolism of FU in vivo. Pretreatment with eniluracil (5-ethynyluracil) prevents catabolism of FU. Hypothesizing that suppression of catabolism would enhance
more » ... ld enhance PET/[18F]FU, we examined the effects of eniluracil on the short-term pharmacokinetics of the radiotracer.
pmid:11038003 fatcat:r7bb72r5arbblg5owik54c6w3m