XOR-Based Progressively Secret Image Sharing

Cheng-Shian Lin, Chien-Chang Chen, Yu-Cheng Chen
2021 Mathematics  
Secret image sharing technology is a strategy for jointly protecting secret images. The (n, n) secret image sharing problem can be solved by conventional Boolean calculation easily. However, how to recover secret images with progressive steps is not addressed. In this study, we proposed an XOR-based (m, t, Ti) multi-secret image sharing scheme that shares m secret images among m participants and recovers m shared images progressively with t thresholds. The proposed secret images partition
more » ... gy (SIPS) partitions m secret images to generate intermediate images for different thresholds in the sharing procedure. Based on progressive recovery property, the proposed recovery method recovers parts of the secret images by gathering consecutive shared images. Moreover, gathering all shared images can perfectly recover all secret images. The experimental results show that the proposed XOR-based multi-secret image sharing method has high security and efficiency.
doi:10.3390/math9060612 fatcat:bglr5ieslzdzhm6mc7p6alpxuq