What's Metaverse Film? Sci-fi, DAO or Digital installation?

Zhao Linuo
2022 Revista FAMECOS  
"Metaverse" has been gaining popularity since 2021 and the term has observably inextricable relation with cinema. But the implication of Metaverse film should be far more than a sci-fi subgenre. Following Deleuze and Manovich's discourse of intermediality analysis, this paper discusses how Metaverse influences cinema with its connotation, cultural principles as well as its technologies, argues that it may bring about a fundamental change to cinema, especially when it is integrated with video
more » ... tallations, which will change cinema in all aspects of its aesthetics, narrative and distribution, and explores these revolutions from both the aesthetic and material perspectives of cinema.
doi:10.15448/1980-3729.2022.1.43354 fatcat:mhjnfiayivc3hdggbdepm7xdti