Particulate hot gas stream cleanup technical issues: Task 1.0, Assessment of ash characteristics. Quarterly report, January--March 1995 [report]

D.H. Pontius
1995 unpublished
DOE This cover stock is 30% post-amsumer waste and 30% preconsumer waste, and is recydable. .I The sample will also be examined to determine if it consolidated after being deposited within the volume of the ring. In the currently envisioned design, this device will operate only at ambient pressures. FlJTUREi WORK Plans for the next quarter include completion of the design of the uncompacted bulk porosity test device mentioned above, continued work on the interactive data base of HGCU ash
more » ... eristics, and a site visit to Tidd to collect additional samples for analysis and to observe and characterize the condition of the ash deposits within the APF. REFERENCES 1. 0' Gorman, J.V. and P.L. Walker, Jr. "Thermal behavior of mineral fractions separated from selected American coals," Fuel 52,71 (1973). 2. Wibberley, L.J. and T.F. Wall. "Alkali-ash reactions and deposit formation in pulverized-coal-fued boilers: experimental aspects of sodium silicate formation and the formation of deposits," Fuel 61, 93 (1982). 3. Helble, J.J., S. Srinivasachar, and A.A. Boni. "Factors influencing the transformation of minerals during pulverized coal combustion," Prog.
doi:10.2172/205149 fatcat:5dhn7xngynahxdg5t3f5m75ula