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1910 Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry  
NkXv BOOKS. 1416 monillm nntl oidin. SECT XVIT. TIIE Exzrres M-D ENZYJIR L\CTIOSS or YEASTS. (i), Alcoliolnfic. (ii), Chumistry of nlcoholic fcrnientntioo. (iii), Enzymcs tlccoinposing disncchnridcs nntl polgsncclinrides. (iv), I':ntlot~ryptnsc nntl pliilotliion. TOSIh.DUSTRrE-K,\Le,D~R FOIL 1011. l'crlng dot! Ton-POUKET-IIOOK sizc, nntl coinpilcd in three pnrts, Pnrt 1. serving as nliirniinck wid notebook, with pencil, blnnk pngcs, ctc. ; nlso fiiriiislicd with tnbulntctl clatn. nt, tho end,
more » ... atn. nt, tho end, forninl:e and niolcculnr weights of tlic most iniportniit, siibstnnces for tlic chemist nnd worlter in clnys, etc., nntl I h i k pngcs for Inborntory notes. It is bound in waterproof cloth. Pnrt 11. contnins n concise record of 1111 tlntn likely to bo useful to tho clieniicnl cnginccr nntl ninnngcr in tho prcpnrntion of clnys, F t t e r y nntl building innturinle. Such tlntn includc m e ting points, fuels, cnlorific vnliies, csplosircs, protection from Icndtliscnsus ant1 nccidciits, tnbulntctl data rrlnting . to lolmritlim, riites of clny wngcs, niitl ivngcs by t.lic hour, w2g1its n n t~ nicnsiircs ; nlso foreign money tnblcs. 'rlicrc lire nltogetlier 185 pngcs of ninttcr, nncl nn nlplinbeticnl iutlcs. Pnrt 111. contnins 210 pngcs of siibject ninttcr, itnd niny I)c divitlcil into two pnrts, flte /iraf, n n inclcs of Iioolts nntl lvorlis of rcfcrcncc rccornmcntlctl, oil n11 sii1Jjccts rolntctl to tho clny, pottery nntl building mntcrinl intlustry. nntl nrrnrigcd nlpliubeticnlly ; flte eccotid, n directory with iinincs nnd ndtlrcsses of firms fiirnisliing 1111 rcquisite nrticlcs nnd inntcrinls, butnrrnnged nlphnbcticitlly ns rcgnrtls tho ninterinls, ctc., referred to.
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