Integrated Electronic System Configuration Analysis

Lei Liu, Weipeng Wang, Guangding Feng
2018 Proceedings of the 2018 2nd International Conference on Applied Mathematics, Modelling and Statistics Application (AMMSA 2018)   unpublished
In this paper, we want to make a clear and concise description of the configuration of an increasingly integrated and complex avionics system. We proposed the configuration analysis method on AADL (Architecture Analysis and Design Language) to modelling the highly integrated electronic system. It can give the corresponding textual and graphical descriptions of that according to the different modules and levels. Also, we sorted out the corresponding conversion rules between AADL and real IMA
more » ... egrated Modular Avionics). Then we can make the analysis of IMA clearly. Finally, we gave the AADL modelling example analysis. It was used to assist the analysis of the specific configuration, thus improving the reliability of the whole system later. This whole process can greatly help us to quickly master the configuration of the IMA, to making an analysis of the key system characteristics.
doi:10.2991/ammsa-18.2018.69 fatcat:wlhqxs4llbb2fd72pb6zgkrqny