Analysis of Blend Defects in Gill Sliver. Part 2: Effects of Processing Conditions on Blend Defects
ギルスライバ中の混合欠陥の解析 (第2報) 混合欠陥に及ぼす加工条件の影響

Masaaki Okamura, Fujio Konda, Takahiro Noda, Youji Taya, Takanori Yoshikura
1996 Sen i Kikai Gakkaishi (Journal of the Textile Machinery Society of Japan)  
The purposes of this study are to detect the blend defects in gill sliver by using the photoelectric device and to check the blend state of the sliver delivered from gill box at real time. In this paper, the blend defects in gill sliver were detected by the measuring system shown in previous paper for various processing conditions and the effects of the gilling process, the fiber length, the feeding direction, and the blending system on the blend defects were investigated.
doi:10.4188/transjtmsj.49.9_t231 fatcat:7ujorvg7xveedeoqwkisd7dgua