Of Chains and Rings: Synthetic Strategies and Theoretical Investigations for Tuning the Structure of Silver Coordination Compounds and Their Applications

Tünde Vig Slenters, Jorge L. Sagué, Priscilla S. Brunetto, Stefanie Zuber, Antoine Fleury, Laurent Mirolo, Adeline Y. Robin, Markus Meuwly, Oliver Gordon, Regine Landmann, Alma U. Daniels, Katharina M. Fromm
2010 Materials  
Varying the polyethyleneglycol spacer between two (iso)-nicotinic groups of the ligand systems, a large structural variety of silver coordination compounds was obtained, starting with zero-dimensional ring systems, via one-dimensional chains, helices and double-helices to two-dimensional polycatenanes. Theoretical calculations help to understand their formation and allow predictions in some cases. These structures can be tuned by careful design of the ligand, the use of solvent and the counter
more » ... nt and the counter ions, influencing also other important properties such as light stability and solubility. The latter is important in the context of biomedical applications, using silver compounds as antimicrobial agents.
doi:10.3390/ma3053407 fatcat:43mkp4jqbfhablz366ozfujrkq