D Sarulatha, N Geetha
2015 Asia Pacific Journal of Research   unpublished
Identity, gender-bias, slavery, marginalisation, alienation and Community have always been the underlying theme of Toni Morrison. Through the accounts of her novels, Toni Morrison shows numerous ways in which identity, is the most tyrannical period in the black history, which has affected the identity of African Americans. In The Bluest Eye, Morrison shows that a black woman who searches for her true identity feels aggravated by her blackness and yearns to be white because of the constant panic
more » ... the constant panic of being redundant in her surroundings. She exposes the inhumanities of the American slavery system and its impacts on the African Americans. Thus Morrison tries to establish the black identity in the socio-political ground where cultures are hybridised, powers are negotiated and individuals are reproduced as challenging agents. On the other hand, just "being black" in her novels does not promote unity within the community as there also exists class differences within the black group. So through her characters Morrison portrays the identity crisis through slavery and racism. This paper traces the vision of black identity that Morrison attempts to figure in her novel, The Bluest Eye. The paper describes the multifaceted mixture that characterizes the relationship between black and white. The paper explores several injustices and the harmful impact which the institution of identity has on the African American society.